Friday, September 12, 2008

Review by Criticas

"Gustavo was born to a family of Mariachis who play great music at weddings and parties. He wishes he could be part of the family band, but he can’t play any of their instruments and this makes him extremely sad. One night, he goes to the desert and sings a melancholy song to release his frustration. And it turns out, he has a beautiful voice! Ecstatic, he goes back to town and begins to sing at the top of his lungs. Little by little, the lights in all the houses go on and the whole neighborhood cheers him from balconies and windows. Finally, Gustavo is admitted into the family band and even told that he is “the best mariachi in the world.” Beautifully illustrated with bright, vibrant colors, this is a charming tale about finding one’s own talent, which also incorporates the cultural tradition of the mariachis. Available in Spanish, English, and bilingual (English text sprinkled with Spanish terms) editions, this is a great addition for public and school libraries, as well as bookstores."

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